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A Guide to the best information on natural health for pain relief from arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, gout, and fibromyalgia.

Joint Pain Relief

Solutions are offered on this website about finding alternative and natural pain relief without using prescription drugs.

Do you know what is causing the joint pain?  It may not be arthritis.  It could be bursitis or tendonitis.  Or maybe even gout or fibromyalgiaThese conditions have similar symptoms in many casesThese include an inflammation of the joints, surrounding tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bursa sacs.  The effects range from slight pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joints, to crippling and disability in extreme cases.

The primary links in the left border will lead you to a page that will give you further information on each of the health conditions and what natural and alternative health remedies you can take to improve your situation.

Take a look at our primary report: Alternative Health Guide on Arthritis Pain Relief.  Even if you don't think you have arthritis, this excellent report gives a complete overview of actions you can take to prevent arthritis and joint pain.  You will learn what options are available without drugs including specific products that can help you today.

Arthritis Relief - Alternative Health Guide

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Functional Lab Testing

One of the best action items you can take is to be thoroughly tested to discover what is causing the health symptoms.  You can even do this in the comfort of your home.  Go to this link for further information >>

Pain Relief Nutrition

Many of the health issues people suffer from today can be prevented through natural health practices and proper nutrition. This site will make you more aware of vitamins, minerals, herbs, food supplements and other natural health products to assist you in pain relief and in the improvement of your overall health. . . and maybe even "cure" you of a health problem. Why use drugs when you may have a natural cure solution?

Our bodies need more than 50 different nutrients a day, and it’s difficult (if not impossible) to obtain all the nutrients from food alone.  (It is highly recommended to eat organic foods as much as possible). Part of the problem is that even the most nutrient-packed foods lose vital vitamins, minerals, herbs and other health-promoting ingredients in a variety of ways. For example, so-called "fresh" fruits and vegetables begin losing their nutrients soon after they're picked. After storing and cooking it, the nutrient content decreases even more. We also eat a lot more processed foods, which are nutrient depleted and this is why food supplements are a smart idea.

pain free coupleThe Journal of the American Medical Association published a study (March 2004) that uncovered the actual leading causes of death in the United States (in 2000). The top two were: 1) Tobacco (435,000 deaths, 18.1 percent of total); and 2) Poor diet and physical inactivity (400,000 deaths, 16.6 percent).

The average American diet is overloaded with saturated fats, trans-fats, refined flour, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors and sweeteners, antibiotic and pesticide residues and many other substances that are toxic to the body. Over time this continued barrage of chemicals and empty calories leads to decreased health and quality of life and ultimately illness. 

If your goal is to live a long healthy life and prevent, or help reverse any health problems, you need a healthy foundation of a nutritious diet with appropriate supplements, regular exercise and stress management. All these factors work synergistically.

Arthritis Diet

Review the Arthritis Diet page for some specific actions you can take to help solve problems you may be having with joint pain and your overall health.  One  factor that you need to consider is that you may be eating too many "acid-forming" foods and need to eat more "alkaline-forming" foods.

You, (along with your health care provider), are the best judge of what will help you optimize your health, prevent disease, and help to alleviate or even reverse any medical conditions you have. In making your decision, you'll both want to take into consideration such factors as your diet history, your (and your family's) medical history, a complete nutritional laboratory analysis, any medications you may be taking, the severity of your symptoms, and such lifestyle habits as smoking and drinking alcohol.

A study published in the November 11, 1998 issue of the Journal of the AMA reported a 47.3% increase in visits to alternative medicine practitioners, from 427 million in 1990 to 629 million in 1997 - a number that exceeded total visits to all US primary care physicians.

We are committed to providing you with products and information that produce the health results you desire. Instead of drugs, why not look for an alternative medicine solution for your joint pain relief?  It is your body.  Educate yourself and then take action!

"Let food be thy medicine"
(circa 431 B.C.)


For specific products that can provide pain relief and improve your overall health, see our Natural Health Products page. 



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