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Drinking Water - A Cure for Acne?



The heartbreak of acne has ruined the plans of many an adolescent Lothario, and forced all too many girls to sit home alone on Saturday nights. Until recently, however, it's seemed an unavoidable teenage plague, and most of us have done everything we can to fight it to a standstill: creams, pads, dermatologists, special diets, peels, pills, astringent facial washes, you name it. But whoever though that the solution would be as close as our kitchen taps? No, it's not some special ingredient added to your water via expensive reverse osmosis systems, or some trace element, or even that devil fluoride. Actually, it's the water itself.


Eight glasses a day keeps the dermatologist at bay

Installing under counter water filters throughout your home will ensure you have cheap cure for acne right at your fingertips! According to recent reports, there's another good reason to drink the eight glasses of water per day that health experts recommend: it's good for your skin. One of water's primary functions in your body is to remove waste products from your organs and other tissues, and it does this for your skin as well as it does it for your kidneys. Your skin's an organ too (the largest in your body), and it needs lots of water to flush out the nasties on a daily basis. Drink lots of water, and all the oil from your overactive sebaceous glands is washed away from the inside out; retained water gets flushed away; hormones are diluted; your blemishes go away -- and within weeks, you end up with better skin.

Besides banishing your acne, water is absolutely necessary for general health. Your body is 70 percent water already, and you need to add more on a regular basis to flush out all the metabolic wastes you've built up throughout your tissues. Otherwise certain internal organs will stop working, others will work improperly, you'll get constipated, pores will get clogged with junk and become pimples, and in general everything will be out of whack -- so "no-liquid" diets are not a good idea. Many people find that having special home water filters improves the taste of the water which in turn makes it easier to drink the Recommended Daily Allowance of water a day. Sodas and coffee don't count -- while they're water-based, they also include caffeine, a powerful diuretic that will actually cause you to become more dehydrated, not less.


So that's all there is to it?

Not! Making sure you're properly hydrated will control the worst of your flare-ups, but if you're a teen or young adult, there's plenty more you can do to get that baby-soft, blemish-free skin you deserve. If you really want to get rid of your acne, regularly take multivitamins that include zinc, which is a great antibacterial agent, and chromium, which promotes healing of skin infections (which, of course, a pimple is). Vitamin A is also good, since it strengthens your skin. Keep your hair off your face (it contains oils), and for heaven's sake resist the urge to squeeze your pimples -- this increases the production of sebum, the oil that clogs pores. Wash your face twice a day (another great use for water!) and finally, if you're a girl (or just a goth), consider not wearing makeup for a while. Although there are water-based alternatives, a lot of makeup is oil-based, and custom-made for clogging pores.

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