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Don't believe there isn't a cure for cancer.


STOP!   You must read this information before you decide about your cancer treatment. Over 350 non-toxic natural and alternative treatments that have helped thousands of people beat their cancer. Over 2,000 testimonials! Success rates for surgery, chemo and radiation revealed! Free information on financial and other help available. Download this set of 4 e-Books and Reports NOW. It could save your life.  Click on the image below for further information.

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The number of new cancer diagnoses in Western countries has risen by 60% since 1950. In a survey of industrialized nations (including the USA, Europe and Japan), non-smoking-related cancers account for nearly 80% of this growth.

Prostate cancer has increased by 200%
Breast cancer by 64%, and
Childhood cancer by 35%

Cancer is now expected to strike 1 in 2 men and over 1 in 3 women in their lifetime.

Cancer has now surpassed heart disease for the first time as the top killer of Americans under age 85.

On focusing on fund-raising and early detection, arenít we placing an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff?
Shouldnít we be focusing on prevention and understanding why this alarming rise has occurred, and is still occurring? Where is the War on Prevention that will explain what is causing the breast cancer epidemic? 1 in 8 women will now face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

Is the cause of the epidemic really a mystery or are we simply being poisoned by the mountain of toxic chemicals released into our environment each year?

In the years since World War II, an estimated 80,000 new synthetic chemicals have been released into our environment. Few of these chemicals have been tested for long-term safety, despite finding their way into food, water and personal care products. We consume or apply them to our body every day of our life.


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