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Fibromyalgia has only recently been used as a term to diagnose patients that suffer from a particular series of abnormalities revolving around chronic muscular irritation. The name alludes to painful fibrotic changes in the muscle tissue, but has come to mean much more to the patients who suffer with the syndrome. While no pathological changes in the muscle tissue have been demonstrated on any type of imaging procedure, patients have very tender muscular points which cause a great deal of pain. 

People who suffer with Fibromyalgia may have a whole host of other symptoms including but not limited to extreme fatigue, irritable bowel, headaches, insomnia, and depression. It is commonly diagnosed as widespread musculoskeletal pain for a period of three months in all four quadrants of the body, accompanied by tenderness at 11-18 specific points in the body.

Even though the condition in itself is not life threatening, it can be very life altering if not dealt with properly. While presently no one cure exists to completely resolve Fibromyalgia, understanding the disease can go a long way to helping cope and live a normal lifestyle with it. 

Some physicians have speculated that Fibromyalgia begins with the Mononucleosis virus, and followed by the lingering Epstein's bar virus. It has also been noted that many patients have had a recent heavy emotional or physical trauma prior to the onset of the disease. The patients have also been known to not get into the deepest phase of sleep, known as the delta stage, and therefore do not let their muscles shut down and rest properly. It is also possible that a combination of these explanations may combine to cause a person to acquire the condition.

Functional Lab Test
Your ideal course of action should be to take extensive lab tests to discover what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing.  Click on the link for further information:


Anatrin may help Fibromyalgia by providing nutrients that have been proven to supply energy while reducing pain and inflammation. In fact, many customers have reported the following benefits:
Increased Energy
Reduction of Pain
Reduced Inflammation
Better Mood
Less Fatigue

By increasing oxygenation of tissues and adding vital nutrients back into your system, your body may be able to naturally heal itself.

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Anatrin effectively replaces critical nutrients lost by the many physical and psychological stressors

Anatrin not only addresses primary  nutritional needs, it also helps to regulate sleeping patterns and enhance serotonin levels while boosting intracellular ATP.  In fact, many top physicians have recognized the benefits of the same ingredients found in Anatrin, as each is backed by extensive scientific study.

What’s inside each bottle of Anatrin?

  • Magnesium for the resolution of common symptoms.
  • Ascorbigen and Broccoli Powder: Ascorbigen is one of the most common medicinal compounds, called indoles, released when cruciferous vegetables are cooked. These types of indoles can help detoxify the liver.
  • Rhodiola rosea Extract for treating functional fatigue and mild cognitive decline. The compounds in this plant have also been shown to increase ATP production.
  • Ginger root Extract for minor pain relief. 
  • A number of clinical studies have supported 5-HTP’s role in the production of serotonin.
  • Melatonin is a naturally produced biochemical that is secreted from the pineal gland at the base of the brain, which controls circadian rhythms and plays a major role in sleep cycles.
  • Malic acid is a naturally occurring chemical found most notably in apple juice. It helps improve absorption of some nutrients like magnesium, as well working to reduce minor pain and tenderness of pressure points.

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Liquid Glucosamine may also help your condition.

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